Ensuring High Standards for Loss Adjusting Experts in Europe

FUEDI, the European Association of Loss Adjusting Experts has objectives which include ensuring high standards of education in the profession of loss adjusting and uniformity of expertise throughout its member countries.

These standards can be immediately recognised in the qualifications held by loss adjusting experts.

The highest level is a European Loss Adjusting Expert – FUEDI ELAE. This is awarded by FUEDI on completion of a minimum of 8 years’ professional experience, the completion of examinations approved by FUEDI, and possession of an academic qualification.

FUEDI also insists that all associations ensure that their own members achieve a minimum level of education.

At national level member associations can award a national loss adjusting qualification on completion of five years professional experience, combined with examinations approved by FUEDI, and an academic qualification.

At the technician level FUEDI encourages member associations to offer examinations and qualifications for all those involved in claims handling. A minimum of two years insurance experience with insurance claims examinations can lead to the award of a national technician level qualification.

Fraud is a hot issue but it is not the only one. The maintenance of high standards is the ‘bigger picture’ and that’s why we need professional associations like FUEDI to uphold the standards we used to take for granted...

We need a world we can believe in.

For further information please contact: Martin Schoerkhuber (AFILA - Austria) on + 43 732/60 66 27-0 or email